Wednesday, December 13, 2017
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Saving your dog from bad things

Although your dog can bring you countless beautiful moments, there are always bad things that can happen if you are not careful enough. Depending of the outcome, consequences can vary. Neither of us wants to have a huge vet bill nor our dog hurt. We will try to outline most important things that you should care about if you want to minimize risks of something bad happening to your dog. Also, having a good care of your dog will expand their life period so you will be able to spend more time together.

Make sure your dog is well trained

Having a trained dog is one of the most important things. It has huge number of benefits. If your dog is not trained at all, maybe it’s time for you to start because it’s never too late. If you plan to do it alone you can find numerous articles and tutorials from experts. For a start, make sure your dog understands basic commands which will essentially make further training easier.  Without these basic commands, you won’t be able to completely control your dog, especially if he is not on the leash. He could get into a fight with other dog or get hit by a car just because he doesn’t know how to react to your commands.

Take care of what he eats

Dogs love to eat. Sometimes it feels like they would eat literally everything. Making that cute face when they want to get something, doesn’t always mean that you need to give it to them, especially if it’s something that it’s not good for their health. What you should do is listen to vet advice about the foods. You will extend your dogs life period if you respect what vet says. Even if you don’t take your dog to vet that often, there is plenty information about what is good for dogs to eat and what is not.

Exercise regularly

Same as it’s for us, it’s also essential thing for dog’s health to regularly exercise. Regular exercise will certainly minimize risks for having health issues. There are many creative and fun ways to exercise your dog. You should consider walks or running which is also good for you. You can also use your bike! If you have a pool let him swim, swimming is great for their health. If you don’t have much free time, you can consider getting a dog treadmill which will save you lot of time and your dog will still be able to be physically engaged. You should find a dog treadmill for sale to obtain these benefits.

Get a wireless dog fence

Another really interesting thing that can make your life easier is a dog fence. It’s a great device. It uses a wireless collar that you put on your dog’s neck and a wireless transmitter which usually stays inside your home. It will create an invisible boundary in your yard. If your dog tries to go past that boundary, the collar will send a small non-harmless electric shock that will make the dog turn around and go back. Eventually he will learn and won’t go past the boundary even when he doesn’t wear a collar. Invisible pet fence can also help with training.

Socialize with other dogs

Dog which is not socialized and doesn’t know how to get along with other dogs can also have issues. These dogs can turn out to be aggressive towards other dogs and even people. Dog parks are great places to go to if you want your dog to spend more time and play with other canines. He will also get to exercise while playing which is another contributing factor, as we mentioned above.